Five Below

Sam Anning, James McLean, Andrea Keller, Stephen Magnusson & Mick Meagher


Devised and led by Andrea Keller, Five Below was formed in July 2017 and has had a monthly residency performing at the Jazzlab in Brunswick since that time. The quintet features two bassists, drums, guitar and piano, and reimagine a score of Keller's compositions dating from 2002 to current - throwing the music into a new light through an intense process of deconstruction, exploration, and musical innovation.

Melding acoustic sounds with electronics, pedals & effects, the music of Five Below draws from an eclectic array of styles including doom, western art music, minimalism and contemporary jazz, producing a unique and arresting voice in Australian jazz.

Stephen Magnusson (guitar)
Sam Anning (double bass)
Mick Meagher (electric bass)
Andrea Keller (piano)
James McLean (drums)


  • Five Below Live - Andrea Keller [AK003]