Farewell AKQ

After 17 years of running the AKQ, I am saying farewell to this project with a final performance on Friday May 13 at Uptown Jazz Cafe, Melbourne.

The timing coincides with Joe's relocation to Japan. Although the band has had several personnel changes throughout its history, the line up with Joe has remained constant for the past 11 years. 

The band has achieved beyond my expectations and has formed me in so many ways. Our final gig will be a celebration of all that, with a limited edition 'AKQ Greatest Hits' CD available on the night, through iTunes, and through this website (Recordings tab). The album draws from the bands five CD releases. Limited pressing of 100 discs.

Thirteen Sketches (2001)
Angels & Rascals (2004)
Little Claps (2007)
Galumphing ‘Round the Nation (2010)
Wave Rider (2013)