October 2018 Newsletter

Port Fairy Spring Music Festival, Duo with Sandy Evans, The Komeda Project album, plus Mondays @ the Jazzlab and Transient Thursdays @ Uptown and more!


Although I have next to zero interest in the AFL grand final, I won't complain about having a public holiday today in VIC! Anything that gives rise to family time and the possibility of slowing time down is welcome :)

The premier of 'Hurry Slow' by senior VCASS students at the MRC was a huge success last week. I'm quite sure the students were far more relaxed about it all than I! (It was my conducting debut, and let's just say the EMH stage at the MRC is a long way from the ottoman in my childhood lounge room in Randwick NSW...) The students absolutely shone and I was super proud of them and the music we created.

The Girls Do Jazz workshops are proving incredibly fun and rewarding for all. They continue monthly and will culminate in a workshop/performance at the Jazzlab in December as part of the Melbourne Women's International Jazz Festival, which runs from December 2 - 9. More details on this down the track.

This month I travelled to Sydney for a few days to record Ellen Kirkwood's epic suit [A]part. It's an incredible piece of music for big band + Sandy Evans and Gian Slater and will be released as an album in late October/early November with performances at Wangaratta jazz festival and the Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival. I'll provide details as they come in.

Speaking of Sandy Evans - my inspirational mentor - the two of us will be playing in duo on two occasions in early November. Nov 1 at the MRC Salon and Nov 3 at Wangaratta Jazz Festival. This is a dream for me!!

In 2014/2015 Miroslav Bukovsky and I ran an octet called the Komeda Project - it was one of the best bands I've ever played in and written for - Jonathan Zwartz, Evan Mannell, Ben Hauptmann, Erkki Veltheim, Andrew Robson, James Greening and Miroslav Bukovsky. We recorded the music back then but all my attempts to secure funding to release it failed. Four years on, the music is still as great as ever so, I've self funded the final stages of the process and will be proud to release it to you in early November. Watch this space!

Spring has sprung and the Port Fairy Spring Music Festival will be on here in Victoria in a couple of weeks. I'm thrilled to be presenting both Five Below and Still Night with special guests Kristin Berardi and Mark Sholtez. Details below.

The regular Monday nights @ the Jazzlab, and Thursday nights @ Uptown Jazz Cafe continue with even more trios and projects.
Details on all can be found below.

And finally, I now have the Five Below Hoodies in a full range of sizes. Please feel free to contact me here if you're interested in purchasing one. You can also visit my bandcamp page for more on CD, digital and hoodie purchases. Or come to a Five Below gig!

Thanks for reading and supporting creative Australian music!


Special Events

Saturday 13th October [Music 5:15 – 6:15pm]
Andrea Keller’s Five Below
Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Sam Anning (double bass), Mick Meagher (electric bass), James McLean (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Port Fairy Spring Music Festival
Drill Hall - Port Fairy
Sunday 14th October [Music 11:30am – 12:30pm]
Andrea Keller’s Still Night:  Music in Poetry
Kristin Berardi (voice), Mark Sholtez (voice), Julien Wilson (saxophone & bass clarinet), Stephen Magnusson (guitar) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Port Fairy Spring Music Festival
Reardon Theatre - Port Fairy
Tuesday 16th October [Doors 8pm]
Rafael Karlen (saxophone), Andrea Keller (piano) & James Sherlock (guitar) perform the compositions of 2018 Peggy Glanville -Hicks Composer in Residence, Sydney based Rafael Karlen.
The Jazzlab
27 Leslie Street, Brunswick
03 9388 1999
Thursday 25th October [7-8pm]
Jackie Bornstein’s Women in Jazz
Jackie Bornstein (voice), Andrea Keller (piano), Craig Fermanis (guitar), Tamara Murphy (double bass) & Danny Fischer (drums)
** sold out **
Melbourne Recital Centre Salon
Corner Southbank Boulevard and Sturt Street Southbank, Melbourne
$30/25 *Currently sold out
03 9699 3333
Thursday 1st November [6:30 – 7:30pm]
Andrea Keller & Sandy Evans
Sandy Evans (saxophone) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Melbourne Recital Centre Salon
Corner Southbank Boulevard and Sturt Street Southbank, Melbourne
03 9699 3333

Mondays @ the Jazzlab
Monday 1st October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Andrea Keller leads the Composer’s Circle
Angela Davis (alto saxophone), Carl Mackey (tenor saxophone), Scott van Gemert (trombone), Andrea Keller (piano), Sam Anning (double bass) & James McLean (drums)
Monday 8th October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Masters & Apprentices 
Scott van Gemert (trombone), Angela Davis (alto saxophone), Isaac Gunnoo (double bass), James McLean (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Monday 15th October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Julien Wilson (tenor saxophone), Sam Anning (double bass) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Monday 22nd October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Sam Anning Sextet
Carl Mackey (alto saxophone), Mat Jodrell (trumpet), Julien Wilson (tenor saxophone), Sam Anning (double bass), Danny Fischer (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Monday 29th October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Andrea Keller’s Five Below
Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Sam Anning (double bass), Mick Meagher (electric bass), James McLean (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)

The Jazzlab
27 Leslie Street, Brunswick
03 9388 1999

Transient Thursdays @ Uptown Jazz Cafe
Thursday 4th October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
James Macaulay (trombone), Sam Anning (double bass) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Thursday 11th October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Hiroki Hoshino (double bass), Lewis Pierre-Humbert (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Thursday 18th October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Angela Davis (alto saxophone), Theo Carbo (guitar) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Thursday 25th October [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Christopher Hale (bass guitar), James McLean (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)

Uptown Jazz Cafe
177 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
03 9416 4546

Other Events
Sunday 21st October [10:30am - 2:30pm]
Girls Do Jazz Workshop
I’m thrilled to be presenting 5 workshops (one per month between August – December 2018) at the Faculty of Fine Arts & Music University of Melbourne
Want to be inspired, get more involved in the world of jazz and improvised music, foster relationships with emerging and established musicians, engage with a likeminded creative community and develop your musical skills and career path through informal performances, rehearsals and discussions?   

Girls Do Jazz aims to address the gender imbalance in jazz music by giving young students an opportunity to hear, interact, converse, and perform with women who are following professional pathways in jazz and improvised music. Workshop sessions will incorporate a repertoire of blues, jazz standards, modal playing, original tunes and free improvisation.
The course is suitable for 15-20 year old female instrumentalists with an interest in jazz and improvisation and those intending to audition for Jazz & Improvisation at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music in the future.


E: music-shortcourses@unimelb.edu.au        

Please refer to my website for more information, including the events guiderecordings page & bandcamp.