February 2019 Newsletter

Sam Anning Sextet album shortlisted for Australian Music Prize, Vanessa Perica Orchestra recording, plus Mondays @ the Jazzlab and Transient Thursdays @ Uptown and more!


I hope the new year has begun well and holds much promise for you and yours. 

I'm excited to share that Sam Anning's brilliant album 'Across A Field As Vast As One' is one of 9 finalists in the Australian Music Prize. This is a massive deal!! (especially for a jazz album). You can read more about it here, buy the album here, and watch videos here.

I spent a fun and musically rewarding week rehearsing and recording with the Vanessa Perica Orchestra. Fantastic big band compositions by Vanessa with an all-star band - it was a real thrill! Keep an ear out for the album this year.

Please see details below for February gigs. Some highlights will be a live recording with Tim Wilson & James Macaulay at the Jazzlab on the 18th, plus a visit from my dear friend and knock-out musician Shannon barnett 

Thanks for reading and supporting creative Australian music!


Andrea Keller curates Mondays @ the Jazzlab
Monday 4th February [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Andrea Keller leads the Composer’s Circle 
Angela Davis (alto saxophone), Carl Mackey (tenor saxophone), James Macaulay (trombone), Andrea Keller (piano), Tamara Murphy (double bass) & James McLean (drums)
Monday 11th February [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Tim Wilson (saxophone), James Macaulay (trombone) & Andrea Keller (piano) 
Monday 18th February [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Solo/Duo/Trio ** Live recording
Tim Wilson (saxophone), James Macaulay (trombone) & Andrea Keller (piano) 
Monday 25th February [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Andrea Keller’s Five Below
Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Julien Wilson (saxophones), Mick Meagher (electric bass), Leigh Fisher (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)
The Jazzlab
27 Leslie Street, Brunswick
03 9388 1999
Andrea Keller’s Transient Thursdays @ Uptown
Thursday 7th February [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Robbie Finch (double bass), Lewis Pierre-Humbert (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Thursday 14th February [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Sam Anning (double bass), Sam Bates (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Thursday 21st February [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Christopher Hale (bass guitar), James McLean (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Thursday 28th February [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Shannon Barnett (trombone), Sam Anning (double bass) & Andrea Keller (piano)
Uptown Jazz Cafe
177 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
03 9416 4546

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