June 2019 Newsletter

Five Below @ MRC, Sam Anning Sextet, plus Mondays @ the Jazzlab and Transient Thursdays @ Uptown and more...


Winter has arrived in Melbourne this week, and with it, the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. I'm looking forward to venturing out to listen to a plethora of inspiring musicians who have hit town!

Some special events happening this month for me include a performance of my composition Flicker by Solstice Trio at a newly opened classical music bar in Brunswick!! The highly popular Sam Anning Sextet perform at Paris Cat, my bottom heavy band Five Below open a concert by German neo-classical pianist Hauschka at the Melbourne Recital Centre, and the second Piano Club (featuring Steve Grant, Darrin Archer & myself) performs at the Jazzlab. (Full details below).

Transients Volume 1 (featuring Flora Carbo, Julien Wilson, James Macaulay, Sam Anning, Stephen Magnusson, Leigh Fisher, Christopher Hale & James McLean), is being received well!
You can purchase it online from my website or Bandcamp, along with my full back catalogue (including Thirteen Sketches, Mikrokosmos, Angels & RascalsFootprintsLittle Claps, Galumphing 'Round the Nation, Three LanesFamily PortraitsWave Rider, Still Night, Five Below Live, & The Komeda Project). CD and digital versions available for most.

There are still a limited number of Five Below Hoodies available through my Bandcamp page. Perfect for current Melbourne temperatures!!

Below you will find a list of all the June gigs I'm involved in - I hope to see you out there :)  

Thanks for reading and supporting creative Australian music!


Special Events

Saturday 15th June [Doors 7pm Music 7:30pm]
Solstice Trio – Obliquely Wrecked
Performing compositions by Xani Kolac, Andrea Keller & more

Tempo Rubato | 34 Breese Street, Brunswick |

Wednesday 26th June [Doors 7:30pm Music 8-10pm]
Sam Anning Sextet
Mat Jodrell – trumpet | Carl Mackey – alto saxophone | Julien Wilson – tenor saxophone | Andrea Keller – piano | Sam Anning – double bass | Danny Fischer – drums |

Paris Cat Parisian Loft | 6 Goldie Place, Melbourne | $25 |

Friday 28th June [Music 8-10:30pm]
Hauschka with special guest Five Below
Neoclassical phenomenon Hauschka (Germany) creates a vivid wilderness on solo piano. Opening set by Andrea Keller’s Five Below

Melbourne Recital Centre | Corner Southbank Boulevard & Sturt Street, Melbourne | $65-75
03 9699 3333

Andrea Keller curates Mondays @ the Jazzlab

Monday 10th June [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Andrea Keller leads the Composer’s Circle
Angela Davis - alto saxophone | Carl Mackey - tenor saxophone | Josh Bennier – trombone | Andrea Keller – piano | Sam Anning - double bass | James McLean -drums |

Monday 17th June [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Piano Club
Steve Grant – piano | Darrin Archer – piano | Andrea Keller – piano |

Monday 24th June [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Andrea Keller’s Five Below
Stephen Magnusson – guitar | Sam Anning - double bass | Mick Meagher - electric bass | James McLean – drums | Andrea Keller – piano |

The Jazzlab | 27 Leslie Street, Brunswick | $15/10 |
03 9388 1999 | www.jazzlab.club

Andrea Keller’s Transient Thursdays @ Uptown

Thursday 6th June [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Fran Swinn – guitar | Tamara Murphy – double bass | Andrea Keller – piano |

Thursday 13th June [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Sam Anning - double bass | Julien Wilson – saxophone | Andrea Keller – piano |

Thursday 20th June [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Flora Carbo – saxophone | Robbie Finch - double bass | Andrea Keller – piano|

Thursday 27th June [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Stephen Magnusson – guitar | Leigh Fisher – drums | Andrea Keller – piano |

Uptown Jazz Café | 177 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy |
03 9416 4546 | www.uptownjazzcafe.com

Albums and Five Below hoodies vailable now through Bandcamp & my website!!

Please refer to my website for more information, including the events guide, recordings page & bandcamp.