May 2019 Newsletter

Transients album, The Australian Art Orchestra, Stonnington Jazz Festival, plus Mondays @ the Jazzlab and Transient Thursdays @ Uptown and more...


I hope all is well in your worlds :)

Transients Volume 1 will be officially released tomorrow!!
The music on the album was recorded in October last year, and has been brought to life by an amazing crew of people including Flora Carbo (alto saxophone), Julien Wilson (tenor saxophone, clarinet & bass clarinet), James Macaulay (trombone), Sam Anning (double bass), Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Leigh Fisher (drums), Christopher Hale (bass guitar) & James McLean (drums), plus sound engineer Ross Cockle & mixing/mastering by Philip Rex, and beautiful cover art by Luke Fraser.
You can purchase hard copy and digital versions online from my website or Bandcamp.
Over the two days in the studio in 2018 we managed to record enough material for two albums, so expect volume 2 later in 2019...

Speaking of Transients, I'm joined by Stephen Magnusson & Leigh Fisher tonight at Uptown Jazz Cafe in Melbourne. This is one of my favourite trios. Please join us if you can!

Speaking of albums, I've spent the last few months buying back my old albums from record companies, and now have nearly all for sale through my website and bandcamp page. (Links as above). These include very limited copies (1 or 2) of Mikrokosmos, Angels & Rascals, and Footprints, plus Wave Rider, Galumphing 'Round the Nation, Little Claps, Three Lanes, and Family Portraits, and of course the more recent Still Night, Five Below, and The Komeda Project.

I'm thrilled that a mini solo piano piece I wrote as a dedication when my youngest child was born, Deep Blue, features on Move 50 - a celebration of 50 years of Move records in Australia. The most thrilling part is that it's played by Michael Kieran Harvey and he makes it sound SO good!!! So, so good, that I think I need to employ him to perform all my compositions in lieu of me...
You can check out the album here.

Upcoming activity this month includes performances at the Stonnington Jazz Festival with Kathleen Halloran, the Sam Anning Sextet, and The Australian Art Orchestra, plus a recording with the AAO of two stunning programs we performed last year in London and Poland.
Below you will find a list of all the May gigs I'm involved in.

Thanks for reading and supporting creative Australian music!


Special Events
Sunday 12th May [Music 7-8pm]
Australian Art Orchestra - The Plains
Stonnington Jazz Festival

Chapel Off Chapel
12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran
03 8290 7000

Thursday 16th May [Music 6-7pm]
Kathleen Halloran Trio + Andrea Keller
Stonnington Jazz Festival

The Loft at Chapel Off Chapel
12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran
03 8290 7000

Friday 17th May [Music 7:30-8:30pm]
Sam Anning Sextet
Stonnington Jazz Festival

The Loft at Chapel Off Chapel
12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran
03 8290 7000

Andrea Keller curates Mondays @ the Jazzlab
Monday 6th May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Andrea Keller leads the Composer’s Circle
Flora Carbo (alto saxophone), Julien Wilson (tenor saxophone), Scott van Gemert (trombone), Andrea Keller (piano), Sam Anning (double bass) & James McLean (drums)

Monday 13th May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
CCK Trio
Flora Carbo (saxophone), Theo Carbo (guitar) & Andrea Keller (piano)

Monday 20th May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Masters & Apprentices
Flora Carbo (saxophone), Julien Wilson (saxophone), Harry Tinney (guitar) & Andrea Keller (piano)

Monday 27th May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30pm]
Andrea Keller’s Five Below
Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Sam Anning (double bass), Mick Meagher (electric bass), James McLean (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)

The Jazzlab
27 Leslie Street, Brunswick
03 9388 1999

Andrea Keller’s Transient Thursdays @ Uptown
Thursday 2nd May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Leigh Fisher (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)

Thursday 9th May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Hiroki Hoshino (double bass), Lewis Pierre-Humbert (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)

Thursday 16th May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
James Macaulay (trombone), Hiroki Hoshino (double bass) & Andrea Keller (piano)

Thursday 23rd May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Angela Davis (saxophone), Theo Carbo (guitar) & Andrea Keller (piano)

Thursday 30th May [Doors 8:00pm Music 8:30-10:30pm]
Sam Anning (double bass), Sam Bates (drums) & Andrea Keller (piano)

Uptown Jazz Cafe
177 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
03 9416 4546

Albums and Five Below hoodies vailable now through Bandcamp & my website!!

Please refer to my website for more information, including the events guide, recordings page & bandcamp.