Photo by Natasha Blankfield

Photo by Natasha Blankfield


Solo Piano has become a prominent feature of Keller’s performance life in recent years. Her debut solo album ‘Footprints – the Wayne Shorter Project’ released by ABC Jazz, won the ARIA Award for Best Jazz Album 2008.

In May 2013 she released 'Family Portraits' a collection of solo repertoire using prepared piano and live looping techniques recorded at the Melbourne Recital Centre Salon. ‘Family Portraits’ is released through Jazzhead Records and was nominated for Best Jazz Album at the 2013 ARIA Awards.

‘Family Portraits’ is a series of solo piano pieces composed by Keller in dedication to her ancestors and loved ones. An aural family tree, created from a desire to preserve the little that is known for her future generations. The pieces capture the love, humour and sadness of a small and geographically disparate family.


  • 2013 'Family Portraits' Andrea Keller solo (JazzHead)
  • 2007 'Footprints - The Wayne Shorter Project' Andrea Keller solo (ABC Jazz)

Awards & Nominations

  • 2013: Nominated for the ARIA Award for Best Jazz Album 'Family Portraits'.
  • 2013: Nominated for the Age Music Victoria Genre Award for Best Jazz Album 'Family Portraits'.
  • 2008: Winner of the ARIA Award for Best Jazz Album 'Footprints - The Wayne Shorter Project'.


  • Monash University Academy of Performing Arts Piano Series (2016)
  • Melbourne Women's International Jazz Festival (2016)
  • Melbourne Jazz Co-operative (2015, 2014)
  • Peace Lounge Series with David Jones, Federation Hall, Melbourne (2015)
  • SIMA, Sydney (2014)
  • Melbourne Jazz Co-operative 30th Anniversary concert (2013)
  • Launch of 'Family Portraits' at the Melbourne Recital Centre Salon (2013)
  • APRA Art Music Awards (2012)
  • Live recording of 'Family Portraits' at the Melbourne Recital Centre Salon (2012)
  • ANAM (2012)
  • Wangaratta Jazz Festival (2008)

Andrea Keller - Fern Tree

Andrea Keller - Golden Strawberries

Andrea Keller - For Love

It’s a richly textured album that explores the piano through loops, delay pedals and various preparations. The compositions feature a natural restraint that grounds some wonderful flights of imagination… There’s plenty of soul within Family Portraits and an adventurous, experimental spirit that is engaging and satisfying… There’s a lot of love here, both between Andrea and her family and in the process of creating music to celebrate their lives.
— Review of ‘Family Portraits’ by Perry Holt, PBS FM: In the Quiet, June 10, 2013.
The Australian pianist’s wordless songs are eloquent, intimate, surprising. The music is deeply emotional, but never merely sentimental; truly beautiful, rather than merely pretty. No two Andrea Keller albums are too much alike. All are uncommonly rewarding.
— Review of ‘Family Portraits’ by Doug Spencer, Radio National: The Weekend Planet, June 2, 2013.
Imaginatively, she explores the possibilities of her instruments, delighting in her decisions to adjust or retain forms, celebrate harmonies and melodies, and create opportunities for improvisation.
— Review of ‘Footprints’ by Roger Mitchell, Sunday Herald Sun, October 5, 2008.
She gives Shorter’s melodies such freedom and vitality that they sound completely spontaneous. At other times her improvisations are so flawlessly structured as to seem set in stone…. This is Keller’s first album without the support of a band or collaborator and it is a ripper.
— Review of ‘Footprints’ by Aaron Searle, Music Forum, May – July, 2008.