Three Lanes

Three Lanes is: Andrea Keller (piano), Genevieve Lacey (recorders) & Joe Talia (revox B77, electronics & percussion)

Formed by Keller in 2010 with the desire to create new music with two of her most admired, intriguing and broad-minded musical colleagues, virtuoso Genevieve Lacey and improviser/electronic artist Joe Talia.

Stepping outside of her usual working environment, this trio combines acoustic, electronic, prepared, improvised and composed elements, allowing the unique and distinctive contribution of each of these three celebrated Australian musicians to be given voice.


  • 2012 'Three Lanes' Three Lanes (AK001)
  • 2012  'Boy' Three Lanes & string quartet (digital only release)


  • Now NOW Festival, Sydney (2013)
  • Capital Jazz Project, Canberra (2013)
  • ANAM, Melbourne (2012)
  • Melbourne Recital Centre Salon (MRC/MIJF)(2012)
  • Elder Hall (Adelaide Festival)(2012)


Three Lanes - Stay

Three Lanes - DBG

Three Lanes - Far Away Here

It’s not surprising that this foray out of Keller’s comfort zone works so well – after all, her work is always lit brightly by the spark of originality… Acoustic, electronic, prepared, improvised and composed elements are interwoven with subtlety, so that there is no feel of artificiality or domination by devices.
— Review of ‘Three Lanes’ by Roger Mitchell, Ausjazz Blog, April 16, 2012.
An avant garde, post modern exploration of jazz music. An incredibly innovative and ambitious project.
— Review of ‘Three Lanes’ Eastside897fm, April, 2012.