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With their beginnings in January 2016, 'Transients' are a series of trios assembled by Andrea Keller, inspired by the philosophy and legacy of esteemed mentor Allan Browne. Based on a collective approach, the music strives for human connection and meaningful dialogue. The trios perform compositions by all members, free improvisations and a few standards as well.

Transients trios include Andrea Keller (piano) w/ Julien Wilson (bass clarinet/tenor saxophone) & Sam Anning (double bass), Christopher Hale (bass guitar) & James McLean (drums), Hiroki Hoshino (double bass) & Lewis Pierre-Humbert (drums), Eugene Ball (trumpet) & Tamara Murphy (double bass), Stephen Magnusson (guitar) & James McLean (drums), Erkki Veltheim (violin) & Mick Meagher (electric bass), plus more recent additions James Macaulay (trombone) & Danny Fischer (drums), Robbie Finch (double bass) & Maddison Carter (drums), and Marty Holoubek (double bass) & Sam Bates (drums).



  • Uptown Jazz Cafe 'Transient Thursday ' continuing residency changed to Thursdays from February 1st 2018.
  • Uptown jazz Cafe 'Transient Tuesday' ongoing residency since April 4, 2017.
  • Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, including 'Transient Tuesday' ongoing residency from August 2, 2016 - February 7, 2017.
  • Melbourne International Jazz Festival (2016) 
  • Wangaratta Jazz Festival (2016)
  • Melbourne Women's International Jazz Festival (2016)
  • VCA Big Blowout Festival (2016)
  • Various venues around Melbourne including: Lido Cinemas Jazz Room, Uptown Jazz Cafe, Fitzroy, Josh Cohen Music School, Paris Cat, and Lebowski’s Music.


"Pianist Andrea Keller - whose contributions to this festival were a highlight - joined Eugene Ball on trumpet and Tamara Murphy on bass for Transients IV, one of Keller's trios inspired by and in memory of the late Allan Browne. There was so much magnetism and space in the originals they played that I did not want to leave."
- Review of Transients IV at Wangaratta Jazz Festival by Roger Mitchell, Ausjazz Blog, November 1, 2016.
"Wonderful compositions by Keller and Anning. Keller's tribute to the late John Taylor, a pianist and mentor, entitled 'Grateful, Hopeful, Joyful', was breathtakingly beautiful".
- Review of Transients I at Wangaratta Jazz Festival by Roger Mitchell, Ausjazz Blog, November 1, 2016.