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From Ether

From Ether is: Gian Slater - voice/loops/effects, Geoff Hughes - guitar/loops/effects & Andrea Keller piano/nord/loops/effects

Devised by Keller in 2013, the music of From Ether is designed as a live and visceral soundscape that accompanies a film of photographic images, which were tweeted down to Earth by astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield during his term residing and working on the International Space Station.


  • Melbourne Recital Centre in the Salon (2015)
  • International Space Day at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, with special guest Phil Slater (2014)
  • Premier at the Melbourne Recital Centre in the Salon (2013)
The familiar made unfamiliar can be both disquieting and invigorating. Part of one’s mind loves to make sense of what it encounters, while the imagination relishes the chance to run wild. The photographs that Chris Hadfield took while commanding the International Space Station exemplify this, and in From Ether their potential to catalyse the imagination was amplified by Andrea Keller’s accompanying score.
— Review of ‘From Ether’ performance at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, John Shand, April 13, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald