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Andrea Keller began the Masters & Apprentices series as part of her Monday night residency at the Jazzlab in Brunswick. The aim of the series is to bring together emerging and established artists to share repertoire, experience and opportunities in the performance of contemporary jazz.


Gian Slater voice, Theo Carbo guitar, Hiroki Hoshino double bass & Andrea Keller piano

Bede Ford-Gaddes trumpet, Flora Carbo alto saxophone, Sam Anning double bass, Sam Bates drums & Andrea Keller piano

Eugene Ball trumpet, Max Slorach tenor saxophone, Robbie Finch double bass, Maddison Carter drums & Andrea Keller piano

Stephen Magnusson guitar, Chris Bekker electric bass, Dominic Stitt drums & Andrea Keller piano

Paul Williamson trumpet, Zac O'Connell alto saxophone, Josh Bennier trombone, Marty Holoubek double bass, Miles Henry drums & Andrea Keller piano

Ellie Lamb trombone, Kathleen Halloran guitar, Tamara Murphy double bass, Oliver Cox drums & Andrea Keller piano

Shannon Barnett trombone, Flora Carbo alto saxophone, Stephen Magnusson guitar & Andrea Keller piano